Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My new addiction: Blotanical (a little shout-out!)

I'm new to garden blogging and have been having a hard time getting visitors to my site, and getting my blog high up in the google search list. From what I can tell, links are the key - of which I have none - so I was starting to get a little discouraged about my blog - and then I found blotanical. Blotanical is an online garden community that connects garden bloggers from around the world together. Almost immediately after joining, I had increased traffic to my blog - from all sorts of places around the world. I have also met someone from my region, and another young couple also renovating their new house and landscaping their new yard - it encourages me that I have found some people like me. Unfortunately, (or fortunately - I guess it depends on your outlook) I have spent NUMEROUS hours on this website since I found it - and I may have to limit my hours once I go back to work at the end of the week.

Another reason I like blotanical is that it keeps track of the garden blogs I like for me - You get your own little "plot" where you can add favourite blogs and bloggers. I was having a hard time keeping track of what I was reading online and like this new organized way to read other people's blogs. It has a few little quirky navigational things that are somewhat counter-intuitive, and makes finding pages tricky once in awhile, but as far as I can tell - it is a fairly new community and the webmaster is working on ironing out all the little kinks relatively quickly.

I have added the banner on my sidebar to take you to the site (although I expect that's how most people have found lately)
and here's the direct link:

Happy Blogging!


Stuart said...

Cheers for the shout-out Breanne. Well done for sticking with the early days. It will take some time but stuck around, have some fun, and you'll soon find that keeping up with the comments will be a tad straining - but wonderful at the same time.

Amy said...

My traffic went way up too, and the great thing about that is I've met a lot of interesting people. I found I initially spent a lot more time on the site, but now that I've gotten the hang of finding my way around it's not sucking so much time out of my day :) I was joking with my husband that I need to set a timer.

Have you ever tried www.bloglines.com? I found it super easy to set up and use. I also read sewing/crafting blogs so it works well for me for keeping track of when someone has a new post.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Happy you found us. This has been a whole lot of fun.