Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More New Growth...

Alright, so it snowed this morning...again. About an inch...sigh - But the new snow now mostly melted in the sunny areas of my yard, so I took a walk to look at the few things that are growing - and to try and get a picture of the birds that are trying to make their home in my garage. No luck with the birds, but I did find this:

The crocuses that I bought in September and then neglected to plant until November are up. In several places in the yard - I swear that less than a week ago, they were burried in snow, and now they are up! I am excited - I was worried that I waited too long to plant my bulbs and that they weren't going to come up this spring. The tulips that I planted have come up in one of the beds, and have the most pretty pattern on the inside of them:

I hope the others come up as well.

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Amy said...

Hooray! I planted a whole bunch of bulbs last fall and have been anxiously watching to see if they survived the winter. So far only some of the crocus are up.