Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Garden is Delicious!

Well, it's been awhile - the end of the school year always takes all my energy...

My vegetable garden in finally paying off. In the spring I really wanted to try and build "square foot gardens" to grow my vegetables, but ran out of time and energy - so I used the plot that the previous home owners had set out as a vegetable garden. I am really enjoying eating fresh lettuce every night, although I think it is funny how I spend much more time washing it then I do store bought lettuce - I know exactly what is on my stuff - nothing but a bit of dirt, and somehow I think it is less clean than whatever I pick up at the supermarket - it doesn't really make any sense.

Anyways here's a peek at my delicious garden...

June 4, 2008

July 10, 2008