Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's Happening...

Things are starting to happen. There are sprouts and buds everywhere!! And, the grass is starting to dry out and turn green. And, I am starting to notice all the work that there is to do.

This week I hope to:
1-Shovel the rest of the snow piles around so they melt.
2-Rake the grass.
3-Clean up the branches, berries, and mess from windy winter weather.
4-Rip out front planters and replace with new ones. (My mother-in-law) bought me huge beautiful planters for my birthday!
5-Start ripping out garden at back to re-build and make room for my peonies and sweet peas.
6-Move and fix the composter.
7- Pull the BBQ out and have a delicious BBQ burger!

Here is some pictures of the fresh new growth in the garden. My crocuses were flowering this morning, but when I went to take a picture, they were closed up. Hopefully I can catch them tomorrow!

I think these are day lilies of some kind.

Rhubarb - 1 of 2 plants in my yard. I do not know what I am going to do with it all.

This is the garden I am going to dig out. I do not like any of the stuff in it anyways. Basically, I am going to turn it into a rectangle. I plan to put a peony where the roundish mound is right now, and grow sweet peas up the rails of the porch. And, maybe some other perennials - but I am not sure yet.

I cannot wait for the leaves to bud!


chey said...

Looks like things are starting to happen! Lucky you! You're further ahead than we are in the maritimes. Cheers!

Matt and Jen said...

Hey Breanne! I can't believe you're still shoveling snow! At least things are starting to wake up for you. Isn't it fun looking at a blank space and seeing what it will look like once you've gotten ahold of it? I completely understand.
Oh, by the way, I can't remember if I properly thanked you for adding us to your blogroll. Just in case, here's another big Thank You!-Jen :)

Breanne said...

your very welcome Jen!

yeah - and it was snowing HUGE flakes this morning when I got up this morning - I couldn't believe it. It was melted before lunch, but still - it's april 10!

ChrisND said...

Our yard is just starting the Spring wakeup like yours. Well before the snow today. Good news is that is should be gone in a couple of days.

I've still got rhubarb on my list of plants to acquire for the garden. Maybe this year...