Monday, March 10, 2008


I started a tray of Picante Purple Salvia last weekend. I have seen and grown the red and blue salvia, but I have never seen this kind, and I think it will match nicely with my red geraniums.

The processs for planting my seeds has been pretty much the same for all the flower seeds so far- and it's been pretty successful:

1 - Make newspaper pots and place them in a standard plastic plant tray. Fill each pot with soilless potting mix.
2 - Fill the tray up with water, and let the water soak into the pots until the dirt on top is damp.
3 - Spray each pot with solution of No Damp and water (I haven't had any troubles with damping off yet.)
4 - Place seeds in each pot on top of the potting mix.
5 - Cover with potting mix according to seed package directions.
6 - Cover with plastic dome lid - if the seeds require darkness to germinate, put the dome lid inside a black garbage bag, cut of the extra, and tape the end. This makes it really easy to check the seeds everyday to see if they have germinated.
7 - I have a plant tray heating mat that I use to heat any seeds that need an elevated temperature to germinate. I have read that an electric blanket works as well.
8 - When the seeds germinate - take the plastic cover off the tray and move seedlings into the light.

My salvia one week after planting:

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