Sunday, March 9, 2008


I planted 50 Ringo series Cardinal Red geraniums on Feb 16th. Within 5 days, most of them had germinated, and I brought them out into the light. There were numerous stragglers that took almost 2 weeks to germinate, and are still quite small compared to the others. Today, three weeks after planting the biggest ones are just about to sprout their 5th true leaf.

I followed these instructions to plant the seeds and so far it has worked out really well.

I ordered the seeds from Veseys.

Pelargonium hortorum
Ringo 2000 Series is the earliest F1 hybrid flowering geranium on the market. Performs extremely well in our trial gardens every year. "Ringo 2000" does not give up any quality for its earliness; it still offers outstanding garden performance and large rounded flower heads. Its compact plant habit makes it ideal for window boxes, hanging baskets, house plants, planters or beds.
Deep Scarlet is a bright orange red and Cardinal Red is a true blue-toned red.

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