Saturday, January 24, 2009

6 months later...

Well, life seems to have taken over, and it seems I have all but forgotten my blog. August 8 was my last post, and then I went on holidays and back to work. I have never worked full time until now, and it seems that work has consumed most of my time lately. My gardens are now under several feet of snow, and it's been a rather cold winter. Several weeks of -30 Celsius temperatures, and lots and lots of snow. I am just starting to contemplate what to put where in my gardens this summer. I am going to set up raised square foot gardens for my vegetables, and replace the soil in my raised beds against the house. I was not pleased with how my raised beds produced, and I think some nutrient-rich soil may help. I pickled beets, beans and onions in the fall, and plan to grow more pickling type vegetables this summer...But, there are still 5 months before my vegetables can go in the ground.

If anyone still checks up on me, any suggestions for what I should plant in front of giant snapdragons in a raised bed? I think I am going to plant snapdragons up against the house in my raised beds, but I am not sure what to put in front. Maybe some dark blue lobelia cascading over the edge? Do I need something mid-height in between?